Hey, I’m Tom—a visual storyteller with a passion for creating compelling narratives. As a Shooting Director, Editor, and Camera Operator, I offer a unique blend of skills and a holistic approach to the creative process.

I enjoy all aspects of the video production process and always strive to create the most engaging and compelling video for the intended audience by embracing a collaborative relationship with production companies, clients, and agencies. Over 12 years in the industry have afforded me diverse experiences, enabling me to seamlessly integrate creative vision with technical expertise across various stages of the production process.

In my role as a shooting director, I’ve successfully overseen and executed numerous productions, ensuring a seamless fusion of narrative and visuals that captivate audiences. My assurance in both shooting and directing is rooted in a deep understanding of camera technology and composition, honed through experience as a camera operator in both small and large crews. From intimate interviews to dynamic action sequences, my work showcases a meticulous eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to achieving excellence in capturing compelling visuals aligned with each project’s creative vision.

Proficient in various editing platforms, I specialise in weaving captivating stories during post-production. Whether it’s refining pacing, enhancing visuals, or adding the perfect sound bite, my editing expertise is dedicated to elevating every project.

If you’re a production company, agency, or freelancer in search of a versatile professional adept at seamlessly navigating the entire production process and collaborating effectively within a team, let’s connect. Whether you engage me as a director, camera operator, editor, or all three, you can trust that your production will be approached with enthusiasm, commitment, and focused dedication.