A recently holiday trip led me to Spain for a few days of sun, and what appeared to be be a water-filled trip. I had just laid my hands on a Go Pro Hero 4 Session in the week before the holiday, and figured that it would be a good time to get used to the little boy, I also picked up a Suction Ball Head Mount too.

The cube is straight out of the box waterproof, which makes it far less hassle in the field as I initially thought. Even when I read ‘waterproof’ I still wince every time the camera goes in or near water, and this was a perfect holiday camera for what we got up to. It slots into pockets easily and there’s no need for a bag to carry it around in, pull it out, hit one button and you’re recording. A limitation is the shakiness of footage when hand holding – that’s going to be hard to get around as its form is little different from an engagement ring sized box.

The suction mount was more useful as a stand than anything else, and the ball head is a great advance on the right angle extensions that I’ve encountered in the past as it allows you to be specific within the angle, which will be great for the cyclists, skiers, and water-sports junkies out there.

Most importantly is the image perspective, and I’ll let the video show that. I applied very little correction to it, slight luminous tweaks to the shadows where we are all jumping in. For the grade, all I used was IWLTBAP’s this free LUT called Batiog (which can be downloaded here), which gives a classical Hollywood action film look.

Music: “Coming Up Roses” by Sonny Madden, licensed from The Art List

Go Pro Hero 4 Session: £159.99

Suction Ball Head Mount: £24.99

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