An impromptu trip with a friend saw my weekend splashing about and attempting to stay up on one waterski – needless to say I had to take some tips of the father-son duo who took us out that day. Ever competitive between each other, I found myself at the back of the boat and them trying to upstage one another down the slalom course. With the camera not too far away, the walls of water that they were creating were too tempting to not hit the record button. The handheld Canon 60D edging to the longest end of the 70-200mm wasn’t the right tool for the job by any stretch of the imagination, but for an impromptu blog post, it’ll do.

Music: “Don’t Wanna Be Bad No More” by Double Fuzz, licensed from The Music Bed

Canon 60D + Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8, all handheld.

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